Experience the clear & rich sound of Kannonaudio, a new dimension that inherits Japanese sound capabilities build in Romania. A perfect match for your events and venues.

Kannonaudio is bringing 3D sound to your audience, where people can have private conversations right on the dance floor and at the same time listen to music.

Kannonaudio currently offers six outstanding series for markets such as big clubs, small clubs, live houses, bars, festivals, cinemas, and high-end audio.

Kannonaudio’s first loudspeakers were made in 2008 by the Kannonaudio laboratory team in Hokkaido, Japan.

Today, under the Japanese people’s supervision, a small factory in Romania manufactures loudspeakers.

Kannonaudio System 100
Kannonaudio System 200
Kannonaudio System 600
Kannonaudio System 800